Seal Aromas is a young, dynamic and sustainable company specialized in the manufacture of candles and scented products.

Sited in Barcelona since the beggining 2009, we are committed to a high quality product at a price without competition, having only one clear objective: establishing a serious, lasting and loyal business relationship where we can only be successful if our clients are succesful too.

We are always trying to offer a brand of products with a distinguished look, related to a sales and distribution exclusive policy, so our clients can face the hard challenge of competitivity with high probability of success.

With a constant inclusion of new products, the Seal Aromas catalog, wrapped by our wide network of business agents, is the most easy and comfortable tool to be always aware of new the trends in the market.

Our results speak for themselves: due to the acceptance of our commercial attitude within our customers base, we can affirm that Seal Aromas is a constant expanding company, showing growth numbers only achievable thanks to the trust given to us by our clients.

From Seal Aromas we thank you for your trust stating our intention to enlarge and complement any information that you require, having at your disposal a huge and competent human team always ready solve your needs.