Seal Aromas is an spanish manufacturer of scented candles, reed diffusers and other aromatic products. All of our products are manufactured in Europe , using the best waxes, scents and perfumes.

We can produce unlabeled items or we can customize the envelopes with your own trademark as required.

We have acquired extensive experience in developing our own exclusive fragrances and scents. We also produce our own label candles and other home fragrance products.

We work with small and big stores and retailers, as well as multinational brands, so we can fulfill your needs.

We can also assist you with custom designs for your brand and envelopes, so you get a fully labeled item with your brand name on it.

Our catalog of scented candles, decorative candles and reed diffusers make ideal products for gift stores, florists and other quality retail outlets across all Europe.

We are delighted to receive requests for wholesale candles from organizations that share our passion for top quality and handmade products. We offer flexible wholesale packages for smaller retailers and competitive volume discounts for larger stores.