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Welcome to the Universe of Senses

At Seal Aromas, we are experts in ambientation, the best way to adapt our customers' sensory environment to a place they never want to leave.
Since 2012, we have specialized in designing, manufacturing, and selling aroma diffusers, air fresheners, sprays, and candles, with the sole aim of connecting people with the world around them, turning everyday situations into authentic sensory experiences.

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Our Added Value.

There are currently many options on the market for consuming ambientation products, but how do you become a consolidated brand in the sector, known for its quality, without falling into the conventional and with progressive and sustained growth?

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100% Made
in Spain.
With local raw materials, 95% local suppliers, and a manufacturing process that controls all aspects involved in creating a product, our quality and production costs are unrivaled.

A unique
creative process.
Turning an idea into something our customers can touch and smell is what motivates us every day. Our creative process is inspired by the creation mechanisms used in haute couture, with a unique design team capable of turning every novelty into an authentic product.

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How we are 3

to counteract
any scent.
The universe of scents is as vast as it is inspiring. Can an image, an idea become a scent? We have our own team of perfumers, capable of masterfully combining olfactory notes to achieve that fragrance that connects with emotion.

Our own formulas,
safe for you and for
the environment.
All our products are created in our laboratory and regulated by the European Toxicology Regulation, so their safety is indisputable. Additionally, we are pioneers in Europe in the use of 0% alcohol formulas, and we ensure that all our products are produced in the most sustainable way for the planet.

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